Cheesy Internet Ads and the Martial Arts!

Unlock the Inner you through…Martial Arts?

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Find the Real You!

Speaking of Martial Arts, I just read an ad, one of those cheesy internet ads, about unlocking the inner you.

You’re only using 10% of your brain, and wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could unlock the other 90%?

Now, it sounded so good, but there is one problem with this…they got it backwards.

They got it real backwards.

See, here’s the thing. You are you. The brain is a hardware device, and the mind is a software device, and…what is the real you?

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Are you the best you you can be?

So what if you unlock 90% of meaty thing inside the skull? Because what is using the mind is you…and you need to unlock not 90% of the brain, but 90% of you!

So what if you unlock 90% of your mind? Because what is using the mind is you…and you need to unlock not 90% of the brain, but 90% of you!

Because even if unlock 90% of the brain and the mind, if it is only being run by 10% of you, it still isn’t going to work.

Understand, the brain and the mind, they are just tools that are used by…you!

So, what are you?

The truth is that these internet programs are so much bushwah. Oh, you’ll probably get a little bit of something, but…but not a lot. Just enough to get you involved in the mystery of the brain, or the mind, and not in the discovery of yourself.

So how do you discover yourself?

The best way to discover yourself is with discipline. It takes discipline to focus awareness. And Awareness is what you are.

You aren’t perception and sensation, you are awareness. You are aware of the tools you use. You are what is aware of perception and awareness.

For this I recommend the martial arts. I’ll tell you more about the martial arts in a moment, but first I want to tell you the second thing you need.

You need a large database of information.

The internet ad I speak of mentions big names, Einstein and Gates and Zuckerburg and so on. But I don’t want you to think of icons, I want you to think of normal, successful people. Ask yourself what a normal, successful person has.

Well, they had the discipline to learn, to get what they wanted out of school (and to know when to drop out when school turned bushwah).

In short, they had the discipline to push forward, and they collected data, information, until they had enough to function as successful.

So here’s the secret, when you do martial arts you are disciplining yourself to handle the force and flow of the universe. You look at the fist, the flow of the fist, and you learn how to solve that problem.

After you learn how to solve the real problems of the universe, it is just a short step to picking a field and solving the problems of that field.

You pick being a lawyer, since you did the martial arts you now have the discipline to learn about that field, and from then on it is simply a matter of disciplining yourself to collect the data of that field until you have enough to be a success.

Now, the next time you see one of those cheesy internet ads, promising you the girl, the money, the house, the car…and friendship with the guy who is asking for your money…think about this article, and realize the truth.

It is not a secret, it is the hard work of learning how to be disciplined. Discipline leads to awareness, and awareness leads to success in whatever you want to do.

My recommendation, my personal route has been the martial arts, and so I recommend it to you.

If this article on the value of the real martial arts makes sense, if you want the real secrets of a discipline that can be used to unlock the real YOU, then you need to study good martial arts, and the Best Online Karate Course in the world is available at Kang Duk Won.

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