How to Find the Best Online Martial Arts Instruction

What to Look For in Online Matial Arts Instruction

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When looking for the best online martial arts instruction you need to assess three things.

First, does the online martial arts course offer good and comprehensive training manuals. Well written instruction manuals are going to be extremely important. Written material is going to help you understand the concepts involved, and give you good reasons as to why you are doing something.

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Second, does the online martial arts course have cleanly filmed and understandable videos? A good example of what the written material is talking about is priceless.

Third, does the online martial arts course give you lots of back up by email or other methods. This is crucial, because there are going to be questions. Many questions. About the material, and about your personal progress. So, look around and see if you can contact the instructor, either through comments on his website, or, better, through email. Try an email. Ask a simple question, see if he responds fairly fast, see if he makes sense. If he does, then his might be the martial arts courses you want to take.

Now, something very important to consider. Can the instructor get you to understand what he is saying.

The thing is, the martial arts concept is going to have to travel from his head to your head, and through a variety of written and filmed methods. So you should get a sample of his teachings.

First, check out his blog or site, and see if he is understandable. If you can’t figure out what he is saying, move along.

Second, see if you can find some examples of his video work. Check out youtube. As for myself, I have a few videos on youtube, and I also have a few videos on Karate basics on one of my websites, Simply go there, find the section in the menu that says ‘Free Karate Lessons,’ and start checking it out.

The things to ask yourself in this example of my karate videos is this: Have I moved so you can understand how to do the motions? Have I explained so you can understand why I am doing the motions? Are my instructions clean and neat? Can you actually do what I am showing?

If the answer is yes to the above, then I’ve done a good job, and you can consider me.

If not, then pass on me.

Okay, you’re ready to go out and check the net and see what kind of stuff is out there.

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t ask you to check out my own website,

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