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Martial Arts Master Instructor Course has some Interesting Results…

Newsletter 885 New Master Instructor! Congrats to Master Instructor… Fred Cook! Here’s Fred’s win… I found your website and it peaked my interest, I was skeptical though, as the claims were very dramatic and I’ve been a martial artist 29 … Continue reading

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Advice to Martial Artists from a Mugger

Advice from a Mugger! Okay. I’m a mugger! Got to earn a living, and I usually earn it on shmucks like you. I simply come up behind you and conk you with a baseball bat and take all your money … Continue reading

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The Difference Between a Martial Artist

Defining the Difference between low level and high level Martial Artists Speaking of Martial Arts, my brother had possibly the lamest joke of all time. He would ask, ‘What’s the difference between a duck?’ And, the answer: ‘One leg is … Continue reading

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Bruce Lee Great!

Are You Bruce Lee Great? The Great Bruce Lee said take what is useful, discard what is not. Thus, though Bruce Lee left the outline of a system, he didn’t leave a complete Gung Fu system. This is revealed by … Continue reading

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Secret Gung Fu of The Shaolin Butterfly

Secret Gung Fu Revealed! Secret Gung Fu refers to martial arts principles hidden for millennium. Here is the data you’ve been seeking. I’ve always wanted to know secret gung fu techniques. I’ve studied Southern Shaolin and Northern Shaolin and Wing … Continue reading

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