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Purpose and How the Martial Arts Fell Apart

Newsletter 849 Here’s How a Closed Combat System Works Hey! An EXCELLENT morning to you! And a great work out! Gonna talk about Closed Combat Systems, or…CCS. But first… You may have noticed that the site was down for a … Continue reading

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Announcing Monkey Boxing Martial Arts!

Newsletter 838 SUPER SPECIAL MARTIAL ARTS ANNOUNCEMENT GOOD MORNING! Got a special announcement. So special I am issuing two newsletters on the same night! So special… there is NOTHING like what I am about to do. First, don’t get me … Continue reading

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An hour of Martial Meditation = a Thousand Years of Evolution!

Newsletter 824 The Martial Arts, and Evolution… Speaking of matrixing, the martial arts, and evolution… I came across an interesting thought the other day I was reading some old yogic scrolls, and the claim was made that an hour of … Continue reading

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Karate Puzzle Makes Martial Arts Fun and Easy to Learn!

Speed up Learning with a Karate Puzzle! The Karate Puzzle is the brainchild of Andreas Sturm. Now, unfortunately for non-Germanic speaking people, the website is written in German. A wonderful language that I can’t speak. However, a little work with … Continue reading

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Gichin Funakoshi, Dark Alleys, and Gloopy Aliens!

Gichin Funakoshi Self Defense for the Masses! Speaking of Gichin Funakoshi…let me first say good morning. Good Morning USA, and world, and, uh, guess I’ll throw in the universe. Never can tell, some gloopy alien with three eyes might be … Continue reading

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