Bruce Lee Great!

Are You Bruce Lee Great?

The Great Bruce Lee said take what is useful, discard what is not.

Thus, though Bruce Lee left the outline of a system, he didn’t leave a complete Gung Fu system. This is revealed by his reluctance to promote people to teachers. Simply, he wanted martial artists to teach themselves.

bruce the little dragon lee

Be yourself, my friend.

Use what he had, but develop your own.

That brings us to now.

If you simply do as Bruce Lee said, you will be looking only as he looked, and not as you, yourself, must look.

You are different from him. You have a different body, different mentality. You must not parrot him, you must not fall into the monkey see monkey do trap that he himself warned us about!

Thus, you must not stop with merely studying his martial art, on his Jeet Kune Do, no matter how delicious it might be.

You must look further, explore the vast researches and discoveries that have occurred since he lived.

Then, when you have enough of the vast information out there…then you must take what is useful….

It is the only way, my friend.

Written by Al Case, Click on over and find out what his research and discoveries have yielded.

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