Bruce Lee Hard is What You Think You Are?

Do You Really Think You Are Bruce Lee Hard?

Martial Artists like to think they are hard fellows, but there is a difference between being hard, and being Bruce Lee Hard. Some people might be able to break a few bricks and swagger around and make grunting sounds. But once you read the following list of feats, you are going to know that these martial artists aren’t anywhere near Bruce Lee Hard!

Bruce Lee Hard Tricks!

Do you want to be faster than a snake taking a does of steroids? Try placing your hands at your sides and striking. Bruce Lee could manage a punch from this relaxed stance in five hundredths of a second! Now that’s Bruce Lee Hard!

bruce lee hard martial arts

Bruce Lee was so good he could do Kung Fu upside down!

You think those cannon balls you call biceps are a big deal? Try holding a dumb bell against your chest, then extend your arms straight out. Bruce Lee could hold 75 pounds extended for 20 seconds!

Oh, you don’t have a 75 pound dumb bell hanging around? Okay, let’s try something easy. Bruce could do 50 one armed chin ups! Are you Bruce Lee Hard yet?

In fact, it is likely that Bruce Lee had more power in his fingers than you have in your whole body! He could do one arm push ups on a thumb and index finger. Remember, we’re talking about push ups on only one hand here!

Bruce Lee’s fingers were so powerful he could stick a finger through the side of a filled soda can! And this was back in the day when cans were real! They were made of steel, and not this thin, aluminum crap! Now that would make for a Bruce Lee Hard Spear Hand strike!

Here’s one of my favorite unique Bruce Lee Hard tricks, a good trick that would make any magician hang his head. If you placed a dime in your palm and held it out, Bruce Lee could snatch the dime…and leave you a penny! Now that is freakin’ fast!

Now, I know you are looking at that one inch pine board you just broke and are doubting yourself, but don’t. Bruce Lee was a unique human being, and he got where he was by incredible hard work. So, instead of feeling like a weak sister, just get to work and make your own self…Bruce Lee hard!

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  1. One of my favorite martial artists!!!

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    Hey Jeffrey. You do not NEED all the equipment listed,but it helps. you dont really NEED any equipment, it just easier. get what you can, and slowly build up

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