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The One Thing That Makes Me Mad About Martial Artists

‘Just one thing makes you mad about Martial Artists, Al?’ you ask. Yeah, really, just one thing. Do you remember back when you were first starting, and you would encounter the attitude that ‘my school is best/my art is best.’ … Continue reading

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Phony Martial Arts Power Corrupts America!

The Obsession with Phony Martial Arts Power The degradation of Martial Arts in America, what I sometimes refer to as Fake Martial Arts Power, has several causes. One of the causes of fake martial arts power is the dumbing down … Continue reading

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Bruce Lee Great!

Are You Bruce Lee Great? The Great Bruce Lee said take what is useful, discard what is not. Thus, though Bruce Lee left the outline of a system, he didn’t leave a complete Gung Fu system. This is revealed by … Continue reading

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