Five Ways of Attack Developed by Bruce Lee for Jeet Kune Do

Five Ways of Attack to Take Out Any Opponent

The Five Ways of Attack is a method formulated by Bruce Lee for his Jeet Kune Do system.

No matter how many different martial arts systems there are, there are only five ways for you to attack or be attacked. Here they are…

five ways of attack

Single Direct Attack

Single Direct Attack (Single Angulated Attack) ~ Commonly called SDA, this is nothing more than the shortest distance from weapon to target (fist to face…knee to nose…whatever) is a straight line. To master this one you practice. And practice. And practice. Nothing more, nothing less.

Attack by Combination ~ This is a sequence of two or more single attacks. They can be any combination, foot, fist, knee, whatever. They can be to single or multiple targets, nose, chin, belly, knee, whatever.

Attack by drawing ~ The Five Ways of Attack tend to get more compex, but never at the loss of simplicity of execution. In Attack by drawing you sucker the fellow in. you can do this by leaving an exposed target for him, or by moving so that he will respond in a certain manner, and so on.

Progressive Indirect Attack ~ The fourth of the Five Ways of Attack is to move in a way that the opponent moves, and then shift your intention and attack along another line. For instance, a simple example of this would be to feint a punch to the face, and when the attacker raises his hands to block you punch him in the belly. The glory of this technique is that you have covered ground to your opponent with the feint, and so don’t have to cover ground, merely align the body for the new angle of attack. You should also know that this move sets up timing, puts you a ‘half beat’ ahead of your opponent.

Hand Immobilization Attack ~ This is a Wing Chun technique that has been slightly modified for Jeet Kune Do. The idea is to slap your hands over or down, or somehow manipulate the opponent’s hands so they are trapped. You then take advantage of confusion, and usually superior positioning, and rock ‘em good.

The five ways of attack were developed by Bruce Lee, for Jeet Kune Do, and they were for real fighting. You may see hints of them in movies, but this is pure Jeet Kune do.

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  1. This is a really simple but effective way of breaking down the ways of attacking; you see people get frustrated with one method of attack all the time, and don’t know how to switch things up. You could potentially go into an MMA fight or boxing fight and have a plan A, plan B etc based on different styles of attack

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  3. Thurston Winbush says:

    Very helpful thank you

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