The Real Meaning of Gung Fu

Gung Fu Ain’t Just Fighting

Most people, especially the ones who don’t study the martial arts, and really especially the ones who really like to watch people beat each other up, think the term gung fu means how to fight, or killing made easy, or I can beat your daddy. And your mommy and your sister, too.

Gung Fu refers to a skill attained over time and through hard work.

gung fu fighting

Bruce Lee Gung Fu Fighting was the Best!

A good cook can have good gung fu.

Any craftsman can have good gung fu.

The proper term, if you want to describe war arts, or martial arts, is wu shu.

This brings us to an interesting point: why the difference?

Because anybody can fight, can pick up a weapon and bash away.

But an artist has the means to analyze his motions, to polish his movements, to create artistic motion out of the simple motion.

And what does it take to become an artist?

Well, that is a skill attained over time, and through hard work, and, mostly, through the application of oneself. Which is to say that it takes time and effort to invest sufficient awareness to make one’s martial arts moves polished.

Mind, you, there are quick studies, but even these talented folks need to invest time and awareness to improve, to find there own true potential.

Anybody can become better, faster, stronger, smarter…and more polished, but it takes invested awareness, it takes hard work over time to create a polished ski, it takes…good gung fu.

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