Horse Stance Training for POWERFUL Legs!

More Martial Arts Power Through Horse Stance Training

Horse Stance training creates incredible martial arts power. No matter if you call it Kiba Dachi in the Japanese martial arts, or Mabu in the Chinese martial arts, the stance fills the student with real power.

First, with horse stance training the stance sinks the weight to the ground, and the legs receive a muscular work out right from the start.

horse stance training

Sink low and breath in each stance!


Second, as one breathes deeper and deeper, and energizes the tan tien (the energy generator for the body), they start to manufacture carloads of real and usable chi power.

The student must, of course, make sure he is doing the horse stance training correctly. Proper horse stance equals lots of power. Improper horse stance position means little power.

And we all want power, so we all must do out horse stance training in the proper manner.

First, don’t turn the feet out, that unbalances the body, and an unbalanced body doesn’t create as much chi energy as a balanced body. If you practice Gojy ryu in particular, turn those feet straight, or nearly so. Balance the body, and feel more energy grow.

Second, don’t push the knees too far out. A little out is okay, but big bow legs in the Horse stance exercise is going to stress the knees, and stressed knees, knees in which the energy goes to the knees and not to the ground, are not going to allow the tan tien to work as hard.

The horse stance looks cool with the legs bowed out, but a squat is better, with the legs only slightly out.

This should actually be a balance between how deep one goes, and how prepared one is to launch oneself through space.

Third, get low. A low horse stance benefits the energy body in amazing ways. It makes the body work, and that makes the body create energy, and that energy can be used in training to make one healthy and quick like a tiger, or powerful enough to make any martial art technique work.

And when the newbie comes to you and asks why you are so good, just look him in the eye and say, “You should be asking how to do a horse stance.

Here is some great data on making Karate Powerful. You can also look into some great Classical Karate at Monster Martial Arts.

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