Using a Gun Technique in Karate vs Gun Fight!

Karate vs Gun and your Favorite Gun Technique!

I’ve read a lot of stuff about using Karate gun techniques in a karate vs gun fight. Here are some things to think about.

There are three ‘gun shooting’ distances.

karate vs gun

My kind of girl!


The Flashsight Picture method, wherein you pull and shoot without aiming, but just aim in the direction of the looming mass of a close target.

Point Shooting, where you draw and point the finger. This is for mid range targets.

Aimed Shooting, where you take aim and squeeze (don’t pull) the trigger.

Obviously, which method you use is going to depend on how close your target is.

Now, if an idiot has a gun jammed up against your skull, you are in trouble, but this is the second best place to work a karate gun technique whatever martial art you study.

Yes, the gun might go off from the pressure of your moving skull as you roll out from under the barrel. But, what you gonna do?

Well, best thing, in this karate vs gun confrontation, is to give him your money and don’t try any karate technique. But, if the gunman is obviously deranged and you know something is going to happen, you’ll be glad you practiced that gun disarm technique in that karate class.

Now, best distance is handshake away. This means no pressure of the body part on the gun, and you can do a slap before he pulls the trigger if you really did practice the technique in that Karate seminar. This, incidentally, might be equated with the Flashsight picture method. If he is close enough to shake hands, then the body is large enough to shoot without aiming, but just by pull and shoot.

Third best distance in this karate vs gun thing is going to be the Point shooting. For point shooting to be effective the range is going to be somewhere between six and twenty feet. Mind you, these distances are estimates, and will change according to the shakiness of the gunman’s hand. So, you’ve got to rush twenty feet. If he hasn’t drawn his weapon, you might make it. An interesting exercise to do in your Karate class is to have somebody rush 20 feet and time them. Have them rush somebody pulling a rubber gun, see if they can close the distance before the gunman says, ‘bang!’

The fourth best distance isn’t a best distance, but a worst distance for karate vs gun. Over twenty feet the guy usually will have time to draw and aim before you can close the distance and do any kind of martial arts technique.

Now, disclaimers.

First, give him your durned money. Who cares? He’ll get his sometime!

Second, never practice these karate vs gun tricks (closing distances, disarms) with a real gun. Brandon Lee thought the prop gun was unloaded, and guess what? No more Brandon!

Third, don’t take anything I say here for solid fact…test these distances for yourself.

Fourth, practice that gun disarm technique in Karate class. Practice, practice, practice. Even if you never use it, you might use those motor skills, that sense of timing, in other areas.

Here’s a great article, called Apprehending the Scissorsman, on the time I saw the police take on a man trying to stab a boy with scissors.

If you want the real skinny on using weapons, not just the karate vs gun situation, but ANY weapons, trot on over to the Blinding Steel course at Monster Martial Arts.



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