Bruce Lee Movies are S-o-o Inspirational!

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Fists of Fury ~ a phenomenal Bruce Lee Movie!

Bruce Lee movies are the focus of this page. We will cover his movies, and how they have inspired other martial artists, and anything else we can cover regarding Bruce Lee film efforts. So, are you ready to read what I have to say, then pop in that Bruce Lee DVD and see if what I say is true? Come on, you know you want to. Whether I’m right or wrong, you get to watch Bruce Lee!

Bruce Lee Film Competition: Is Jet or Jackie a Better Martial Artist? ~ Bruce Lee Films are Up Against Some Tough Competition!

Bruce Lee Movie ‘Enter the Dragon’ ~ Bruce Lee Movie a Box Office Smash!

Way of the Dragon…Return of the DragonWay of the Dragon Smash Hit!

This has been a page about Bruce Lee movies.

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  1. Gregory Bauer says:

    I watched legend of Bruce Lee. Every part of that movie is inspirational you learn something new every time.

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