Jeet Kune Do Fighting Concepts of Bruce Lee

Fighting Concepts of Jeet Kune Do by Bruce Lee

The fighting concepts of Jeet Kune Do were created by Bruce Lee. These fighting concepts were his personal expression, and it was not a flowery Chinese martial art, as people often mistakenly think after watching a Bruce Lee movie.

Indeed, Jeet Kune Do fighting concepts were his solution to combat. The fighting concepts were a lean, mean, pared down straight blast to the nose of whoever insults your mother!

bruce lee jeet kune do

Bruce angles side and kicks, might follow up with a trap and roll and blast.

To understand Jeet Kune Do concepts one should look to Bruce Lee Wing chun training. Wing Chun is also based on straight lines to the opponent’s nose, but it is couched in forms and drills that, while Bruce learned from them, were still a bit too loose for his personal combat style concepts.

However, that said, when one stands in a Wing Chun Kung Fu stance and faces an opponent, specially in the Chi Sau, or Sticky Hands exercise, the arms are twined and extending towards the opponents shoulders. Thus, each arm has to twist and circle and try to get past the opponent’s arm. This is an exercise in extreme sensitivity.

Now, turn the body sideways, have the fighters face each other with one side forward, and separate them by a few feet. Here is the classic and quitessential Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do fighting concept.

The opponent’s arm has to shoot in. If it deviates from the direct line, one can slap it to the side, trap it, and knuckle bust a schnozola. If it manages to keep the direct line, a slight sideways movement and one can slap, trap, and tap the nose.

And, if the fighter is good, and manages to evade the slap and trap, the Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do fighter simply rolls, just like in the Lop Sau (rolling fists) exercise of Wing Chun, and continues the attack.

And continues and continues. And we come up with something that Bruce called the ‘Straight Blast.’

The straight Blast is to run, as in a full sprint, at an opponent, all while buzz sawing the arms in a forward circle, driving the opponent’s arms down, driving for that oh so satisfactory smack of knuckles on noggin that signifies the end of a fight.

Now, there is more to the Jun Fan Jeet Kund Do Method (Jun Fan was Bruce Lee’s name in Chinese). A lot more. There are kicks and locks and all manner of nasty fight ending slobberknockers. BUT…it all starts with what you have read here.

You set with one side forward, you slap and trap, evade and roll, kick and lock, and straight blast the slob to mugger heaven. Or hell. Or whatever unconscious state calls to him after he has been rendered by the increidbly potent and devastating fighting prowess of the Little Dragon…the Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do Fighting Method!

Did you know that Bruce Lee used the Straight Blast to knock an opponent out in something like three seconds? He ran at the fellow, a Karate stylist up in Seattle, and struck him a dozen times in the face. It was a Bruce Lee fight record, and it happened befor eBruce ever came up with his theories, or put them down in any Jeet Kune Do training manual!

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  1. My friend, the point of chi sau (sticking hands) is not to trap. Like the method you describe above, one should aim down the centre line at the opponents face, cutting through the opponents line of attack, there is no blocking in wing chun.
    If you have more force, your guard becomes a strike, deflecting the opponents and hitting home.
    If not, the way you hold your arm allows the opponents blow to redirect itself like he has pushed on a gimballed (shoulder) spring (arm structure) trapping MAY be the outcome but it is never the intent.
    One does not move the arms in a circle like a buzz saw, each blow makes a bee line for the face, dropping slightly to a. make way for the following blow from the other hand and b. maintain the guard on the return movement.
    One does not attempt to trap, if the vectors of force come out that way, IT TRAPS ALL BY ITSELF.
    You must train diligently to understand the Wing Chun structure to understand this.
    You can practice trapping in class, but in a fight you PUNCH!!!!

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