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Links are a great thing. You get a link and Google thinks you’re important, and they send you more visitors. So feel free to email me and ask to exchange Links. I’ve got several other sites which I can put your link on.

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Fight Best is probably the best place to go if you want to find out what martial arts equipment is the best. martial art equipment and supplies

Real Aikido Dojo ~ New method for learning an ancient Martial Art. Very interesting.

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If you can help, do so, these are our guys.


Monster Martial Arts ~ Learn how to Matrix your Martial Art with science!

Boggling Facts! ~ Great place to brush up on trivia, chuckle, and have a good time.


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  1. GregoryHenderson says:

    Question is there anyone on this website that’s a master at jeet kunedo if so I’m begging please train me in it I’m 24 years old I don’t have a lot of money to pay for expensive lessons but I have the same as bruce Lee did warrior spirit high self esteem confidence I’m very athletic strong and I want to do the same thing he did master all martial arts make my own form and somehow become better then him but first I have to find somebody that can teach me everything he knew I’m willing to out all my time blood sweat strength heart soul and everythiing into it and if i can’t afford to pay for the lessons straight up with cash then I’ll wôrk my debt off with some hard labor work come on please I know there’s someone on here that knows everything bruce lee knew that can take me own as there student my heart tells me there’s a master jeet kune do artist on this website who would love train me if there is please message me back yes its been my dream to one day become the worlds greatest fighter ever since I was five years old I’ll give anything for it but mostly my heart souk strength enegy time concentration sweat and life to learn it

    • samir says:

      Hello GregoryHenderson. i have read your response and would like to say that i have the same problem. I’m 19 years old student who doesn’t have enough money to afford. I have the same dream like you. I don’t know if you are megalomaniac or not but we have the same dream. Nowadays almost every piece of information is sold. Let’s stay stronger you and me and try to put in hard work on our own. Who knows, maybe one day we will find a mentor who could teach us JKD/wingchun or any other art. I can’t understand the fact nowadays youngsters are joining kick/boxing and go for fame and money. They are not prepared for a real life situation. I have a dream to teach people of my country (and others ) who wants to get prepared for hard situations. But first i have to learn. I don’t know if i have whatever it takes to learn this art without a master . We don’t know what the fututre has in its pocket for us. Let’s try our best and do whatever we can with our scarced resources.

  2. Sarah Walker says:

    I hope this email finds you well! I just had a quick question about some content on your website and was wondering who I should get in touch with? Feel free to reach me at this same email address and I look forward to hearing back! I appreciate your time in advance, Sarah.

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