Bruce Lee Training Lessons for a Perfect Body!

Work Out Lessons to Make the Best You!

There are many training lessons we can take away from examining Bruce Lee Martial Arts training routines. Fortunately, these training lessons are simple, and easily incorporated into anyones normal workout routine.

First Bruce Lee Training Lesson ~ Train modules

First and foremost, the Little Dragon kept everything simple. From his martial arts routines to his specific fighting techniques, he believed in simplicity; if something is simple it is easy to learn, easy to do, and superhuman ability will shortly follow.

How bruce Lee trained

Bruce Lee rock hard abs

One of the things he did, in keeping his training lessons simple, was to break everything down into easily managed chunks, what we would call modules in modern time martial arts workouts.

Thus, he might alternate his work outs, isolating body areas, and yet giving them time to recover. For instance:

Monday Wednesday and Friday he might work out on punching techniques, including simple attacks, combinations, work outs on the speed bag, and so on.

On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday he might work out on kicking techniques, including side kick, hook kick, spin kick,heel kick, and so on, and put them together on one of his big martial arts kicking bags, or some other training device.

The advice of this first Bruce Lee training lesson is to separate your work out into simple pieces and focus your attention on the basics.

Second Bruce Lee Training Lesson ~ Stick to the Basics

The second Bruce Lee training lesson advice would be to do simple weight lifting to augment your training. For instance, he would engage in a training routine that would include clean and press, squats, bench press, and curls. These are simple weight lifting moves, but excellent for the overall body. He would do these to the tune of 4 sets of 6 reps.

The thing here is that Bruce wasn’t competing, merely looking for quick learning curves with the most gain. He competed only with himself, staying in good ranges for strength gain. This enabled him to focus on keeping his muscles lean, and able to shoot those hard punches as high speed.

Third Bruce Lee Training Lesson ~ Roadwork is King!

This is a  Maxim. Simply, the Little Dragon believed in running. Three days of the week he ran four miles, alternating jogging with speed bursts (Fartlek). The other three days he did 30 minutes of rope jumping, (another great cardio exercise that truly keeps one light on the feet, along with 45 minutes of stationary bike cycling.

Running is sometimes put on the shelf by modern athletes, but all the greats always ran.

Fourth Bruce Lee Training Lesson

Fourth, the Little Dragon believed in abdominal work. The abdomen is the core of the body, and crucial to moving the whole body in the most efficient fashion.

Bruce would usually do routines like this:

5 sets of side bends
5 sets of leg raises
5 sets of sit ups.

One should remember that full sit ups are not always good for the back (herniated discs), and should explore a variety of methods to ge the best core workout they can.


The conclusion to be reached here, if one wants to be ripped and cut and strong and fast, as Bruce Lee was, that one should:
Train in small modules
stick to the basics
Believe in roadwork
Strengthen the core

These are all simple concepts, and they have been proven not just by the greatest martial artist of the last century, but by time and the best athletes in any field.

For a little inspiration about where Bruce Lee training lessons can take you, try this great Martial Arts Article on his training feats.

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