Bruce Lee Film Competition: Is Jet or Jackie a Better Martial Artist?

Bruce Lee Films are Up Against Some Tough Competition!

Bruce Lee Films always lead to one burning question: of the three top stars in martial arts moviedom, who is better?  Jet, Bruce, Jackie?  Three great martial arts movie stars! All have a claim to being the greatest martial arts cinema star of all time.

Emotional and physical effort led each of these three men to their heights. Interestingly, a different route to the top was demonstrated by each of these three greats. No matter what path they took, however, we can judge their success through the consideration of three things.

Bruce Lee Films are a V for Victory!

Bruce Lee Films are a V for Victory!

Who made the most money at the box office is going to be one of the most important questions we can consider. How good they really were?  Lastly, that ever fascinating question, how good a fighter were they?

Jackie Chan comes out on top when it comes to how many box office dollars they made.  Jackie made more movies than Jet or Bruce, so he gets an obvious edge on this question. To be considered in this question is the fact that Jackie’s movies have been popular in the orient long before the west even knew he existed. This makes him a viable contender when it comes to the possibility of his movies replacing the Bruce Lee films we love.

Jet is the man when it comes to how good an art is displayed. Millions of people across China were considered, and Jet was chosen because he was an obviously and extremely talented martial artist. In addition, neither Jackie nor Bruce put in as many training hours per day as he did. This fact, alone, makes Jet Li a possible as to his movies replacing Bruce Lee films.

Bruce is the hands down winner when it comes to the artist with the most effective art. Bruce honed his skills, developed his art, and always had the question of combat in the back of his mind. One cannot argue with the fact that Jeet Kune Do is an obviously superior method of self-defense. Unfortunately, one rarely sees it in Bruce Lee Films. Usually they see his cinematic martial arts style.

Thus, in spite of the differences, neither Jet nor Jackie have a clear cut edge when it comes to being compared to Bruce Lee films. They each have a solid win in one category. When one inspects the quality of each, perhaps it is understandable.

bruce lee jet li jackie chan

There is one item more to be considered, however!  Time passes, and fame is fleeting, and bodies grow old, and eventually someone better is bound to come along. Bruce and Jackie and Jet have all had their time in the limelight, and there is bound to be an artist in the wings who will build upon their accomplishments, and even surpass them…is that Tony Jaa behind door three? Is he the fellow who will will make lung fu movies that are better than the Bruce Lee Films?

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