A Question About Terrorism and the Martial Arts

The Martial Arts Question of a Terrorist!

I get tired of hearing about school bullies, secret fighting techniques, and which martial art is best, especially when the real problem is one terrorist, one bomb, and you’ve only got time for one martial arts technique!

You step onto an elevator in Trump Tower, there’s one person in the corner, but, in this ‘eyes down’ society you ignore him and lift your hand to press the button for the fourth floor.

The button is already lit up. Huh! The other guy is going to the fourth floor, too. The fourth floor is a family planning clinic, and your eyes inadvertently flicker up.

He’s wearing a long, dark coat, it is open, you can see rows of dynamite sticks! And he’s trying to plug in a dead man’s switch!

You mutter the F-bomb here!

He’s going to kill expectant mothers! Innocent children! Insert another F-bomb!

You have got less than three seconds before he’s armed. Three seconds in which to disarm him and save half a hundred morning families. Three seconds in which to make sure he doesn’t plug in the switch, render him helpless and save the world!

Here’s the question: WHAT TECHNIQUE WILL YOU USE!

Now, while you’re blinking, maybe uttering an F-bomb of your own for this writer, and your mind is wildly trying to come to grips with this scenario, let me throw a few parameters in here, lay out some ground rules, and play a very serious devil’s advocate.

If you punch him in the head, you might break your hand. Skulls are hard, boxer’s wear gloves for this reason, and one punch actually isn’t a very sure thing for a knock out. Watch a boxing match, or any good MMA tournament, and you will see hundreds of punches thrown, and very few knock outs.

If you grapple, try a single leg takedown and wrestle him to submission, you are taking a big chance. He might not care if you break something as long as he gets that switch plugged in, and a single leg takedown will leave his hands free. Besides, do you really want to get in a wrestling match with a guy wearing 20 sticks of dynamite?

The coat is open, which leaves certain targets open, and certain targets closed.

He is the same height and weight as you. Slightly bigger if you are a lady.

Within one second he will notice that you’ve noticed him. Two seconds he is plugged in. Three seconds and…BOOM!

So, one second to thoroughly assess a situation, at the end of that second you have to know what technique you are going to do. And I don’t care what martial art you study, this is not a ‘my art is best’ question, it is a ‘what are you going to do when the world is about to end’ question.

So, you’ve got one second. Pick your technique and explain it in the comments, or…BOOM!

About the Author: Al Case, 8th degree black belt with over 50 years experience, has written/produced over 100 books/video courses on the martial arts. You can find out the fastest, best, most efficient method for earning a black belt click on the Matrix Karate box at his website, http://monstermartialarts.com.

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